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Custom Trailers with an Aluminum Construction

Our Boat Trailers tow true and self center when loading. Every component that goes into our trailers are meant to extend the life of your trailer by reducing the chance or rust and corrosion. 

What we put into a 'TREK

craftsmanship in every trailer we produce

Standard AlumaTrek Boat Trailer


Heavy Duty


Double Bend


4" Roller


Marine Grade


Designated Ground


3" Square Tube


Front & Rear Sets


Steel Wheels


Smooth/Diamond Plate


Stainless Steel Fasteners

Aluminum Bunks
Aluminum Wheels
Premium Fulton Jack
Polished Aluminum Fenders
Spare Spindle Mount

Spare U-Bolt Mount 
Deluxe Steps Package
Deluxe Side Guide

Jump Roller Packages
Storage/Tool Box
Custom Ladder
Electric/Hydraulic Brake System

and much more! 

Heavy Duty Tri Axle
Heavy Duty Tri Axles

Our Heavy Duty Triple Axle Aluminum Boat Trailers are built tough with an aluminum I-Beam frame. Our custom bunk fit for each trailer let the boat self center when loading and our tri axle boat trailer tow true so you never have to worry about that busy boat ramp or any long haul. 

Heavy Duty Tri Axle
Bay Boat Trailer
Bay Boat Trailer

Our Bay Boat Aluminum Boat trailers are light weight and set up for your boat. Our custom bunk set up lets your boat self center when loading. Our Premium Bay Boat Package features Flat Bunks Fender Backers, Side Guides or Aluminum Guide Posts, and Slant Back Fenders. So your boat can sit low for easy launching and loading at the ramp. 

Ski Boat Trailers
Ski Boat Trailer

Get off your fat sack, our Ski Boat Aluminum Boat Trailers are light weight and set up for your boat. With our custom bunk set up your boat self centers when loading. Trailers equipped with our Ski Boat Package feature an aluminum prop guard with skidder wheels to protect your prop and prevent the trailer's frame from dragging. An all Aluminum design means you never have to worry about rust unlike those painted trailers.

Heavy Duty Tri Axle
Flats & Skiff Boat Trailers

If you are fishing skinny than this is the boat trailer package for you. Our Flats Trailer Package and out Skiff Trailer Package gives you the chance to launch and retrieve your boat in the even shallowest of ramps.  Don't let your trailer limit your fishing. 

Bass Boat Trailer
Bass Boat Trailers

Whether you are a bass master or just enjoy tossing a worm on the weekends, an AlumaTrek Bass Boat Trailer will get you out on the water without any worries. A Trailer built with our Bass Boat Package is a custom-built  all-aluminum boat trailer that is built for your boat and your budget

Pontoon Boat Trailer
Pontoon Boat Trailers

You'll be makin' waves and catchin' rays on your pontoon. You just need to rely on our trusted Aluminum Pontoon Boat Trailers to get out on the water. Our Pontoons Trailers come standard 14" radials, vinyl wrapped bunks to protect your aluminum pontoons, and a pontoon bow stop and ladder. 

Catamaran Trailer
Catamaran Trailers

Find out more about how our multihull boat trailers can get you where you need to go. Our custom aluminum bow stops and tunnel guides are designed for your boat. Each trailer is built using your boats specs, so launch and load with ease on an AlumaTrek.

Airoat Trailer
Airboat Trailers

Come see how our aluminum airboat trailers can get your blow boats going. Our Aluminum Airboat Trailers are rugged and built to get you there. Featuring a HD Aluminum frame, torsion axles, fender backers, & your choice of aluminum jump rollers and side guides rollers or the standard wood jump boards and side guides. Dump & load with ease no matter the glade, marsh, or creek. 

PWC Trailers
PWC Trailers

Get your PWC to the water on one of our custom aluminum PWC trailers. Whether it's a single PWC or you and a group of friends are taking on the lake, we have the PWC trailer for you. With Single PWC trailers Double PWC Trailers, Quad PWC Trailers, and even Six ski trailers available  With add on options to meet all of your needs - go custom or basic


Stainless Steel FASTNERS

Included in our Standard Saltwater Package. We utilize stainless steel fasteners on all of our trailers to prevent rust & oxidation - Adding longevity to our boat trailers with less maintenance.


A standard feature on all of our trailers. Aluminum Bunk Brackets on both front and rear bunks reduce the chance for rust and deterioration. This allows our trailers to maintain their structural strength making our trailer outlast any steel galvanized brackets. 

Sealed Wiring Harness with Integrated Ground and LED LIGHTS

All of our trailer come standard with LED Lights with a sealed wiring harness with an integrated sound that is run the entire length of the trailer. So your trailer is grounded to the tow vehicle instead of the trailer. With the harness and ground being sealed it prevents corrosion from disrupting the lights ground, so you have working lights every time. Ensure your lights last through the seasons with an AlumaTrek boat trailer.

Heat-Shrink WIRING

Our entire wiring harness is sealed with 3M marine grade heat-shrink wiring connectors. Sealing the harness extends the life of our LED lights by preventing the corrosion that causes flickering, dimmed, and inoperative lights.

Dacromet Coated BRAKES

Equipped with a 4-Way Corrosion Protection. Barrier Protection: Overlapping zinc & aluminum flakes provide an excellent barrier. Galvanic Action: Zinc corrodes to protect steel. Passivation: Metal oxides slow down the corrosion reaction of zinc & steel. Self-Repairing: Zinc oxides & carbonates migrate to the damaged area to repair and restore the coating.

Aluminum Diamond Plate/Smooth Fenders RADIAL TIRES

Radial Tires come standard on every trailer, there are no economic bias ply trailer tires here. Giving you peace of mind when towing knowing you have a quality tire better suited for highway usage.  This is because they tow better at higher speeds and last longer than a Bias Ply Tires. They also shed heat better, reducing the risk of blow-outs on long hauls.

Request Info

If you are interested in more information or would like to discuss your options please contact us and we can discuss your custom build. 

Please fill out our form or give us a call to talk to one of our representatives. 

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